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Creative Art Coaching

My Life path has showed me many things. A few things I can share with you here. You are not here without purpose, you have purpose, and your purpose changes. What is the key? Atunning to your purpose in every moment. Art is living and living is art. You create with what you have. 

Making a painting or a creative artwork is a very good example of how you create your reality. 

Through feeling and senses, you choose your weapons, you find your abilities and you find your talents. 

Or you choose to develope your talents. 

How can I help you? 

I can help you to grow, to attune, or to find and discover your creative talents. 

I'm a hyper sensor so my senses can direct you on a path, you could never had dreamed to participate on.

Or help you to paint that painting you didn't even know you could create. 

How does it work? 

We set up a free 15 mintues introductory meeting. (Online or in person) and we have a small conversation to find out my purpose within your purpose. 

If both parties agree, we set up 3 meetings of 45 minutes. 

We will use artistic forces to develope your own creative nature and to attune you to your intuïtion and sensibilty. To find your own flow of creativity or to discover new perspectives about your life path and course. Sometimes we feel attracted to something to learn something and redirect or lifes. 

You can already book your classes here and we will organize a meeting together. 

What is the energy exchange? 

I ask 165 euro for 3 meetings of 45 minutes. + free introductory class.

You can choose to do this online or private in my Art Studio. 

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