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MAY 2023 | NEW ART EXHIBITION @L'artisane's Nest (Kwaremont, België)


This is a unique art exhibition with oil paintings I have been working on from 2020 until 2023. There are 22 new artworks. 

aleana and me before unicron.JPG

Standing before my "Unicorn" painting

on my current exhibition.

SUNDAY 28 MAY | 4PM| ART&TEA| Finissage

Cosy moment while sipping Tea under the eye of Artworks of n i n a in L'artisane's Nest  

location: Kwaremontplein 28

time: 4pm

price: free entrance

Send a message to confirm your attendance:

or 0474 80 27 41

theepot onder notenboom bewerk_edited.jpg

drawing by n i n a | walnuttree with Tea

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