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 Thank you for your interest in buying my artwork. Each piece is unique and has an autograph on the back or one of my home made stamps. All artwork is handpainted with home made oilpaint from natural earth paint or even home foraged pigment mixed with oil (organic walnut oil), painted on different kinds of quality paper or high quality art canvas made from linnen. Some of the framework is home made as well. 

 If you would like to receive more information about the artwork, click on the painting on my hompage, prices are always given below the painting.  All prices are 6% VAT included. Prices do not include shipping. 

You can contact me personally if you would like to purchase one of my 'Original paintings'.

Do you want to buy a painting? 

Home made framework

I like thinks to be unique and made with intention, that is why I make my own framework. They are made with different kinds of wood and I use the same type of oilpaint for my framework. 

The framework is a part of the painting, however it is possible to buy the painting without the framework. 

It is not possible to order only the framework and not the painting. 


Nina Verhelst, Pijkstraat 22, 8790 Waregem, Belgium

 BE0849 387 725


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