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The well of abundance

Story of the dragon's egg

Short explanation


Well from heaven

River of freedom

Full Moon

Turquoise water/air dragon 

Pleiades Star System

Amaranth and other flowers

Wishing well of abundance

Gingko leaf

©Well of abundance/Story of the dragonsegg~ 2021/2022 ~Oil on canvas~

Size with frame: 71/22cm

Long explanation

Drago's egg

The dragon's egg




The egg is love, love in the form of abundance, love in the form of an egg full of love and unconditional presence.The egg has boundless potential and radiates creativity and inspiration. 


... Oh egg of love thank you for being here thank you for radiating unconditional presence and creativity. Endless potential …


The egg is unseen, but seen for those who believe, seen for those who want to see. Seen for those who want to know how creation works, how creation sets form and how creation creates. 


If you hold the egg, you feel love, vibrant in your heart, you feel tingles and sparks of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for the unknown and for creation of love. 


It mirrors your nature. It mirrors your potential beauty and creativity. 

It encircles you, it encircles your freedom and enriches you with pure essence and unconditional love. 

©Dragons's egg, detail of painting "well of abundance"

~ 2021/2022 ~Oil on canvas and drops of gold~

Size of egg:  5,3 cm

Willow tree

The willow tree

The willow tree


The willow tree in this painting is your grandmother, the mother of the mother that created you. She is the one to hold you and set you free, to tell your story, to tell your secrets. She guides you through. 


‘Oh little one, don’t worry’ she says.

‘All is well and you will find your freedom soon enough. Just rest here, inside me and I will nourish you with love and fresh clean air.'

'You can rest here with me as long as you want and as long as it takes. You have nowhere to go, nothing to do, just be and rest, that is what will take you there where you want to be, deep inside me, the willow tree.'

willow tree.JPG

©Willow tree, detail of painting "well of abundance"

~ 2021/2022 ~Oil on canvas ~

Size of tree:  23/14cm

Polar tree

Polar tree 

polar tree in heaven.JPG

©Polar tree, detail of painting "well of abundance"

~ 2021/2022 ~Oil and crystal quartz on canvas 

Size of tree:  8/7cm

Somewhere high in the sky there is a polar tree. 

This tree’s frequency is so high that it is almost invisible to see. 

Like silver gold, its high and substantially like heaven. It resides with the angels, it has electric lights. 



There you are, @the polar with the polar tree. It’s not cold, just fresh. Fresh and light, you can walk barefoot on the snow, just like your mother. 

The angels are floating here, not walking, they surround you and blow fresh air in your face, they hug you, you feel thrilled, like goosebumps they fly through you and around you. You feel a cool breeze and receive high lights, the frequency of angels. 


OPeN and be free! We are with you, always. 


Angels talking: love yourself, embrace yourself, be free, we ar here to protect you and always be there for you, dont worry about your past, dont worry about your future. Love yourself and be free. We are hugging you forever. Stay inside yourself, eyes within and all is well forever be free, love me, love you, love them, love everyone. 



see you

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