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*©"Heart to heart painting - Pink roses", by n i n a 

Heart to heart paintings

I like to co-create and serve others and that is why I'm sharing my talents and abilities with you. 

In my "heart to heart projects" I connect with you through painting your masterpiece. 

You have had a beautiful vision? Or a painting you just can not seem to find because maybe it doesnt exist yet? You like to have something painted with my hand but you have a vision of your own? Than I'm there for you to co-create your dream painting. 


How does it work?

We set up a meeting (with or without a cup of Tea) and we discuss your vision and your dream painting. We discuss the prices and what I can do for you for the amount of money you would like to spend. 

I guide you through the process and if needed we will set up several meetings through the process of creating your dream painting. 

What are the prices? 

I paint on high quality paper with natural oil paint. You can choose to order a custom made frame with us but you can also choose to receive only the painting on paper and if desired, find your own frame. 

The prices of the paintings are so dependent upon the painting you would like to receive that it is difficult to give you a price right a way, that is why I suggest you to just send me a message with your idea and the size of the painting and I can give you a price after having received the vision myself. 

The basic prise for our own handcrafted and signed frames is 250 euros. That frame will be custom made and is part of the art piece itself.


Some examples

Pieter-Jan is fascinated by the Pyramids and asked me to paint the pyrimads for him. Here below you can see some pictures. It was a beautiful interesting project and I ended up writing a Poem for him and the painitng. 

With many thanks to him and his beautiful vison I look back in love and cherish this moment. 

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