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It is my intention to share beauty, love and the unseen and 

I have a great passion for arts, for expressions of the soul, for pure transformation and transmission of love between dimension.

So I like to share my experience of awareness and life, of emotions, feelings, and the senses through art.


My Past

nina 2016.PNG

This is me in 2016 working on one of my paintings.

This is me in 2021, painting a Peony flower. 

image_6483441 (3).JPG

I was born in Belgium and I currently live and work in Belgium. I have always been creating when I was a child, my mother and father had a flower and decoration shop, they were both very creative and I was lucky to have a lot of space and materials to create. Also my brother has a very creative spirit and has offered me to help me with the framework of my paintings. 

After 6 years of high school and a first art exhibition, I decided to take my passion serious and I went from one art school to the other, searching for knowledge and good teachers. 

After 4 years of searching I decided to stop with school and I created my own exhibitions, I had an arthall and I created many installations, video arts and paintings.

After 3 years(2015), my life took a different direction again. I started learning Lu Jong(Tibetan yoga) and learned how to meditate. Being inspired by the Buddhist teachings and spirituality, at the age of 25 I eventually left Belgium and set my course to Asia. I thought I would not come back but after 5 months of staying at Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal, learning about meditation, I came back to belgium and started teaching Lu Jong and meditation. I opened a centre for awareness and it was my intention to help people with my classes.

In 2020 the coronavirus arrived in our country and everything changed. I had to close my center and I received time, time to dive deep inside and I discovered that teaching yoga was not my purpose and was not making me happy at all. So how can you make someone else happy if you are not happy doing it? 

During a rather painful process, I started painting again and the first painting I made during that process was "Purple phoenix rising". For me it was a symbol for my soul and spirit. I called it, freedom of spirit. I had found my freedom and my purpose: painting my dreams, painting what inspired and ignited me, painting what I wanted to see and what I was seeing in different dimensions of my spirit. I found out that I wanted to share the beauty of life, the joy of finding your purpose and that I had a deep passion to conjure up the invisble and spend hours painting. 

 For me that is where it stopped, the search for happiness, because I had found it.  And the funny thing is, it was always there.

So after 16 years of searching what truly made me happy and what gave me purpose to my life, I had found it, my own vortex of creation.

And now, I am super happy and grateful that I can share my experience and artworks with you.


So what am I doing now? 

I am not only working on many different paintings but I am also searching for the best possible way to show my artwork to the world and community.

I am also working on a life art exhibition that will soon be announced.

So I am currently very busy physicalising my dreams and creating a  platform for my paintings and knowledge. 

There are different options already:

If you check out the 'Membership' page on my patreon account  you can take a glimpse of what I am planning and providing for you*:

*  ARTCRAFTS: Postcards and other artcrafts with images of paintings

*  CLASSES: Links to Footage of how you can start to paint yourself 


* "Story of the Dragon's egg" ARTBOOK 

I am also introducing all my artwork and plans on youtube:

And you can follow me on Instagram


Introduction video "Purple Phoenix"

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