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P u r p l e  P h o e n i x

The rise of the phoenix.

It started with the creation of the Purple Phoenix. 

Listen, enjoy, embrace...


The purple phoenix has the ability to fly high in the sky. It has no fear, it IS. 


When you meet your soul, for the first time or maybe the second time, or the 11111 th time, you arrive home, you come back, you have no fear… you just know;


This purple phoenix gives you power, it transforms your soul, it develops the ability to show you how you are supposed to be. It loves you, gives you freedom, guides you, entertains you, it needs you to feel YOU. It needs you to FEEL, to feel, to feel, to learn to feel for yourself. 

I love you, it says, a thousand times, it only knows our love. Your pure essence. It flies high in the sky.


©Purple phoenix rising ~ 2021/2022 ~ Oil on paper

 Size without frame: 42/29,7cm

Thank you universe he says, for showing me the ability to fly, thank you for helping me wishing love in peoples’ lives. Thank you for helping me to show me what it is to be Me. It loves you, it embraces you, touches you with its strong wide wings opening, flying. The wind of the wings flushing away all our fear, all your insecurity all your lack of belief in yourself, in your own power to grow. Thank you universe, it says for showing me the ability to love, unconditionally, because conditions, they don't exist in this spirit world.


Fly high in the sky to meet the spirit that is you, it is you because it is me. Mirrors are everywhere, embrace yourself, your own heart, feel your intentions, feel your intentions, if you need something just show it to yourself, what it IS that you need. Do not be afraid to spread your own wings. YOU are what you know you are, you have a purpose and that is YOU, only you, Not me. 

The Phoenix is aware every second, as a matter of fact, seconds do not even exist in his world, seconds are breaths, breaths are universus, universes are source. It is so easy, it's that easy to fly! 

MEET him in your HEART CENTER, Forever… and do you know the best of all… you never have to leave him, ever again! The more you stay with him in your heart, the better. Like that you can spread your wings together FOREVER.*


*©"Purple phoenix poem", written by n i n a 

Purple phoenix movement 

N e r o li  t r e e 

Segments of pure juices, lightening up the heart. Inside your heart there is refreshment for the soul.

Nothing has the opportunity to hurt you.

Its so fresh so sweet so loved so honey like sweet.

Moisture, juices for the birds, juices for the plants.

Inside me you are free.

Hold me and smell me, im so near Oli.

©"Neroli tree poem", written by n i n a 


©Detail of Purple phoenix rising ~ 2021/2022 ~ Oil on paper

 Size with frame: 52/42cm

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