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Gardenworks - artwork 2024

Hello there, i'm back this year with my organic paintings, organic artworks and development. 

My paintings are a research into color, matter, connection with soul of things, spirit  and the representation of what we often cannot express with words alone. 


This year I call my artworks gardenworks because they are a reflection of my own personal conversation<:connection with our garden and our natural world in large (plants, animals, sky, earth, people, stars... and many more). 

Some artworks contain home foraged pigments such as red/purplish ochres foraged from bricks i find in my garden and charcoal foraged in home made fires, some during ceremony. 

You will find many people, flowers, stones, fruits, plants, stars. They are depicted with the only intentions of showing my connection with them, mores specific the connection we have with ourselves and all other beings part of this existing breathing vessel we call earth, universe at large or source. 

On my Youtube Channel i'm giving some behind the scenes footage, as an artist merely as an expression of what is going on in my own little self experiencing/expressing life. 

The paintings underneath are shown in chronic order, to give you an idea of my development, and also to show it to myself. 

Hope you enjoy my gardenworks and find pieces of yourself within it...

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