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Hi everyone, 

Welcome to my website. On this page you can find all the paintings* that I finished. Starting from the "Purple phoenix rising"(2021-2022).

When you click on one of the paintings below, you enter the website portal of that paining. There you can find more images, texts, poëtry and other creative artwork inspired on the painting. 

There are many artworks in the make, so dont forget to visit this page from time to time. 

I hope you enjoy and thank you for being here. 

*the original painting has no text written on it, but on this page I created them like this as a way to shield the painting. 

Purple phoenix rising


©Purple phoenix rising ~ 2021/2022 ~ Oil on paper ~ Size without frame: 42/29,7cm

Story of the dragons' egg ~Well of abundance


©Well of abundance/Story of the dragonsegg~ 2021/2022

Oil on canvas~Size without frame: 65/16,5cm

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